How do I book a shoot, and what can I expect?
Just send me a message and let me know what kind of shoot you are looking for. Try to add as much information as possible so that we can prevent never-ending emailing. For example, do you want portrait session, which portrait session are you interested in (information on portrait packages is available under ‘Pricing’ on the website), what are your availabilities, which location were you thinking about, ask any other questions you may have, etc.
Once we decide on the photography session date and time and theme, I will send you a photography agreement that will highlight all the terms and conditions. Please bring a signed copy at the photoshoot, or e-mail it back with your e-signature.
I don’t know how to pose AND I FEEL NERVOUS.
That’s completely okay! I spent 10 years modelling, so I am super comfortable with guiding you in posing. I am also a mental health counsellor by profession, so I will be able to calm you down if you are having anxiety during the shoot (lots of people are nervous when getting their pictures taken)! We’ll keep it easy and simple. I’m happy to help you pose during the session, and we will use poses that feel natural to you.

My studio is located inside my home, in Pierrefonds on Gouin Ouest street. I will provide you with the 
address once our booking is confirmed. 

A headshot session is a photography session where the focus will be on your face and upper body (usually from your head to your chest). The goal of these sessions is to create highly professional pictures that you can use for your Linkedin Profile or for any other purposes that require clean looking photographs of you. You will have the choice to select your favorite pictures (the number of pictures will depend on your package, or you can also buy extra pictures to be edited) and they will be carefully edited in order to highlight your features.
My portrait session editing consists of fixing the exposure and color toning. I can remove blemishes and temporary imperfections, however, I will not edit you into someone different! I usually do complete high-end retouch only for fashion shoots or headshots.
What should I wear?
Wear whatever makes you feel beautiful and comfortable. I do recommend simple pieces of clothing without patterns so that it’s not too distracting. Solid one-colored clothing is also awesome. 
What kind of makeup should I do?
A little bit of mascara, concealer, blush and lipgloss/lipstick goes a long way! No need for anything extravagant, do your usual makeup routine that works for you!
Can I select the final edited pictures?
Yes, for portrait/couple/family/maternity, you can select your favorite pictures and I’ll edit those. For event, wedding, engagement, and intergenerational photography, I select and edit all the good pictures. 
How can I prepare for the photoshoot?
Breatheeee! It’s usually a good idea to select what you will wear ahead of time and to remind yourself that it’s just a photoshoot after all- the goal is to have fun and be yourself! You can practice some posing in front of your mirror, look through different photography pages for posing ideas, and stay hydrated and get good sleep. Make sure that your nails look okay too (chapped nail polish doesn’t look too good)!
Can I add my own filters on the pictures that you took of me?
I really would be happy if you didn’t add filters or edit my already edited-final pictures. It takes a long time for photographers to work on the pictures once the shoot is over. If you feel like you absolutely need to add some filter in order for the pictures to match your style or “feed”, let me know ahead of time and we can discuss further.
Will you post my pictures on your social media?
That’s totally at your discretion. Although I love showing off my beautiful clients on my Instagram, I will absolutely respect your decision to not have your pictures posted on my social media.
Do I need to tag you when I post the pictures?
That would be greatly appreciated, but no pressure!
I want specific type of pictures, can you replicate an example that I’ll show you?
I always try my best to accommodate my clients’ vision. I am open to seeing what your ideas and inspirations look like, however, I cannot guarantee that I will be able to replicate the exact vision. At the end of the day, photographers have their own styles and we need to honor our creativity and artistic expression as well!
Why are photoshoots so expensive when all you do is click a button, plus we have smartphones?
Photographers spend thousands of hours studying photography composition/lighting/posing/techniques, understanding gear, learning retouching/editing, working on business/marketing, etc. Photography is also really expensive, and although your photoshoot may last between 30 minutes to an hour, remember that your photographer will spend extra hours to edit the pictures once the shoot is over.
How does payment work/how can I make the payments?
Payments are to be received during the photoshoot session, and no edited pictures will be provided without payment. Payment can be made in cash or e-transfer.
Where will we shoot?
You decide! I have a small home studio for headshots and portraits, and I also love doing on-location shoots. Family and couple shoots look great outdoors, and I am always happy to recommend my favorite spots! 
Can I bring a friend/lover/mom/uncle/cat?
You are welcome to bring someone in the shoot if you feel like it will make you feel more comfortable and safe (I promise you that I’m not a scary person). Please make sure that the person does not become a distraction during the shoot.
How long will the shoot be? How many pictures will I get?
Length of shoot and number of final pictures usually depend on the photography package that you select.
Do you do free shoots?
No, sorry. Photography is extremely expensive and time consuming, and we all have busy lives. I only do “collaborations” with agency models that add something different to my portfolio.
I’m shy to pose outside where strangers in the public may see me.
I promise that most people mind their own businesses and will not be staring at you (look up the ‘spotlight effect’ in psychology). However, if you are very shy, we can go in more discreet places.
Although I will try my best to accommodate you, I cannot guarantee that I will be able to give you the full session length that we agreed on given that I often have other commitments. So please be punctual

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